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Get to Know Natasha Phillips, the Next Big Name in the Christian Music Scene

Rising artist Natasha Phillips is one of the most exciting names in the Christian music industry. From Atlanta, Georgia, Natasha Phillips brings an exciting new flair to contemporary Christian music. With breathtaking vocal performances and powerful meaning in each of her original singles, Natasha Phillips hopes to spread gospel music and her faith across the world.

Growing up in church choirs, Natasha Phillips developed a passion for music that has lasted with her throughout her life. Finding peace through music, Natasha Phillips hopes to spread the same feelings to her listeners with her soft, blissful vocals that uplift and inspire listeners. Staying true to this message, Natasha Phillips started her professional career with a series of powerful and emotional releases. Debuting with the single “I’ll Worship You” in 2015, Natasha Phillips gained immediate attention for the track’s vivid and uplifting feel. Following the success of this single, she later released “Run to You” and “You Ae Still God”, further solidifying her place in the center of the contemporary Christian music scene.

In her latest single “God of my Universe”, Natasha Phillips gives her most fervent and heartfelt performance to date. Discussing her relationship with God and the important place he holds in her life; Natasha Phillips holds nothing back and creates a raw and powerful song that will encourage listeners to consider their own relationship with God.

There is still much more to come from Natasha Phillips. In addition to her new single “God of my Universe”, Natasha Phillips plans on hosting Worship Nights with Natasha and Bible Study with Natasha in the fall, in order to help her to further her connection with her fans and to help her spread Christianity to wherever it may be needed most. As listeners come to expect from Natasha Phillips, her incredible vocal ability is on full display, ranging from soft, whispering verses to loud, breathtaking choruses.

Stream Natasha Phillip`s newest release on the artist’s official music platforms and follow on her official social media. Contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.

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