African Model Turns LA Actor

Meet Vic Brewski, the Ghanian Renaissance Man

(LOS ANGELES) If you’re looking for an inspirational feature story, you’ll find one in Vic Brewski, the Ghanian-born model now pursuing acting in LA. A business-savvy multi-hyphenate, Brewski shares his success story to inspire young men, immigrants, entrepreneurs, and other creatives to carve out their own unique path to the top.

As a young schoolboy, Brewski moved to America in search of opportunities but struggled to find acceptance among his peers. Like most immigrant children, Brewski’s distinctly West African accent made him an easy target for bullying that crushed his self-confidence. Running track provided Brewski with social capital, as well as a scholarship to college, where he continued to run for years. Brewski went on to earn two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Economics and another in Entrepreneurial Management, both of which would prove useful throughout the duration of his widely varied career. In his Entrepreneurial Management class, Brewski met two, well, entrepreneurs, who took him to New York and shot the photos that would change his life. Brewski returned home to Virginia, a modeling contract with Modelogic in hand.

 The agency landed Brewski on the cover of DC’s Washingtonian for one of his very first modeling gigs! From there, he easily booked shoots with Capital One Bank, Hilton, Marriott, Navy Exchange, and even a national ad for Chapstick that secured his spot in the Screen Actors Guild. Having accomplished everything he could from the Virginia/DC area, Brewski packed up and moved to LA to continue his meteoric rise in modeling and transition to acting, as well. Not surprisingly, Brewski secured acting gigs in a Laker’s commercial and a movie within his first 4 months in the city!

Vic Brewski is now seeking managers and agents who can help him level up his acting career and share his story with the world. He is available for select interviews, photoshoots, and other press opportunities. You can join his thousands of followers on Instagram here.

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