An excellent embodiment of House, HAMX’s sound is a unifying force.

HAMX seemingly has worked with them all and yet retains his humility. He has managed to create his aural universe with a cast of A-list celebrities, including Prince, the Black-Eyed Peas, and many more. The hybrid house style shows his life experience, from a Jamaican home in Bellflower, CA, to performing at the Olympics in Beijing, China. He manages to bring love to the crowd no matter where he performs. For each of his sets, there is an earnestness, sincere joy for the world.

The thing about House Music is that it follows a peculiar logic entirely of its own. For those deeply immersed in the culture, it is a place that offers solace. A safe space, it is a place that in its very roots, represents a gathering spot for the oppressed. It makes sense then that positivity reigns in these temporary autonomous zones, where a whole group of strangers works in unison for a brief moment. His grooves that he lays down have much history to them, one that brings to mind greats like Jeff Mills, for they are lighter than air at certain moments. Light is poured into each of the works, allowing them a degree of such kindness, and the sound accurately depicts HAMX’s easy-going nature.

With You Are Love, HAMX brings out the happiness that has defined his adventure through House.

Photo Credit: Rachael Buechler

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