Dua Lipa Helps Chloe Fineman Work on Her Pop Star Impression in New ‘SNL’ Promo

Dua Lipa is the ultimate pop star, and she helped Chloe Fineman work on her impression of her in a hilarious new Saturday Night Live promo.

In the clip, shared on Wednesday (May 3), Fineman tells the singer that she was “literally just working on my new impression,” before performing a haphazard rendition of “Levitating,” complete with the wrong lyrics and theatrical dance moves. “The lyrics aren’t 100 percent there,” Lipa tells the SNL cast member. “How about the dance moves? Maybe you’re just missing some of the dance moves?”

Fineman then tries again to no avail, which is when Lipa suggests Fineman changes her “look.” The scene cuts to the comedian in a Lipa-inspired red wig and red mini dress. “I’m really feeling the Dua spirit,” Lipa says in an English accent, before attempting her “Levitating” impression once again.

“It’s close enough, you’re going to nail it,” Lipa tells Fineman, handing her the microphone so she can take over musical guest duties. “I’m going to actually just focus on my sketches, so I thought maybe you could do the performance for me. I’m going to go and grab dinner.”

Lipa will be both hosting this weekend’s episode as well as performing as musical guest. The SNL appearance comes just a day after the release of her highly anticipated new album, Radical Optimism.

Watch the promo below, and catch Lipa’s full episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend (May 4) at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC, before it begins streaming on Peacock.

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