Elfrogito releases anticipated album “My Time”

 “My time” follows up “Dior” which dropped back earlier and is widely hailed as one of the best songs of 2021. While “Dior” captured Elfrogito’s melody-making abilities, the new project “My time” finds Elfrogito back on his melodic vibes, a sound that he is known for, and more confident than ever.

Elfrogito is creating a vibe with every song, capturing the emotions through his melodies. Never disappointing his fan base, Elfrogito continues to drop melodic compositions, tapping into deeper context than your favorite rapper. Being an avid listener of Elfrogito, this tape will propel him to being bigger than he has ever been before. With this tape, he has gravitated the attention of those who weren’t listening to “Dior”. Toronto’s own is pouring out how he feels from start to finish on this project, laying down bar for bar how he is feeling. Make sure to keep in the loop with Elfrogito. 

Social: https://instagram.com/elfrogito?utm_medium=copy_link

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