Rihanna Says New Music Should Be ‘Amazing’ and ‘Show Growth’

Rihanna talked music, makeup, motherhood and the Met Gala at the launch of her new Fenty Beauty Soft’lit Foundation in Los Angeles on Friday (April 26), a celebration ringing in what she called “a new era in foundation for the brand.”

The singer and businesswoman talked up the new cosmetics product’s “soft, luminescent finish, like a nice, glowy, natural-skin look” inspired by what sounds like very lovely golden hours in Barbados.

But this is what you came for: a music update! Rihanna seems aware everyone has long been pining for R9, which would be the long-awaited follow-up her 2016 album Anti, and humored some questions about her next album in an interview with Extra on the carpet at Friday’s event.

In a nutshell, Rihanna is firm on making a new album worth the wait.

“It’s gonna be amazing,” she said of what’s to come from her as an artist. “It has to be — that is the only reason it’s not out yet. If I’m not feeling it and I’m not feeling like it represents the evolution, the time I spent away …There should be a show of growth, right?”

“I want to play, and I feel like music is a playground, and I want to have fun with it and show truly where I am at,” Rihanna said, adding that she only intends to collaborate with another artist if it’s “very intentional. I’ll know when I have the record.”

Just a week and a half ago, it should be noted, Rihanna stated, “I already got stuff that I feel like I could make hits out of.” She referring to her work in progress as “so good.”

“When you become a mom, your style goes from like ‘blah’ to ‘let’s see what fits’ to ‘I’m gonna be a bad bitch today,’” said Rihanna. “You’ve got to remind yourself a little bit sometimes, you know, bad bitch is still in there somewhere.”


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