Swifties Did Quick Math and Believe ‘Tortured Poets Department’ Will Be Taylor Swift’s New Era on Euro Tour

We are just two weeks away from Taylor Swift hitting the road again for a summer swing of European Eras Tour shows. And, as you may have heard, since the last time she played an Eras show Swift has dropped her fastest-selling album of all-time, The Tortured Poets Department, a sprawling, 31-track collection that has been racking up record after record in its first week.

So, naturally, inquiring Swifties want to know if TTPD will be added to the Eras roster when the already jam-packed three-plus hour extravaganza revs up again on May 9 with the first of four shows at the Paris La Défense Arena in Paris? If you’ve been playing this game long enough you know there are always Easter eggs.

While Swift has not commented, on Thursday night (April 25) Swift uploaded a 15-second YouTube Shorts clip in which it appeared that TTPD has, indeed, been slipped into rotation. Cued to the album’s first single, the Post Malone-featuring “Fortnight,” it finds Swift singing, dancing and playing piano in what look like Lover and Folklore set-ups, one quick-cut caught a lot of attention. In a brief shot, Swift is seen standing next to a silver railing that eagle-eyed fans quickly surmised was in the shape of the TTPD logo. There was no chill about this news.

“GUYS THE RAILING LITERALLY SAYS TTPD!?!;);$!; ITS THE TTPD LOGO WE’RE GETTING TTPD AT THE ERAS TOUR,” tweeted one Swiftie. Another pointed out that Swift appeared to be wearing the same shoes from the “Fortnight” video in the rehearsal clip and another proved that there is no one in the game better at the long game than Taylor.

“tHIS is what she means when she says she plans easter eggs far in advance. AHHHHH!!!!,” they wrote, noting that another Swiftie spotted that Swift had seemingly teased this new era before the tour even began when she posted an image of a box containing all her different-colored Eras microphones, including a white one that “hasn’t had a place in the show… until now!!!” It was hard to tell if Swift was wielding this white mic in the video because the clip is in grayscale, but that didn’t stop the breathless speculation about what’s next on the singer’s stadium-packing outing.

Others also noted that the video appeared to feature new choreography and costumes that have not yet been rolled out, further proof that a new Era is potentially on the horizon. At press time a spokesperson for Swift had not returned Billboard‘s request for comment on whether TTPD will be included in the upcoming run of shows.

Check out the Shorts clip and the Easter egg hunt below.


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