The Shared Vision of SHØWGUN

Question: Why start now?

SHØWGUN: We wanted to play the music we wanted to hear. All of us had been practicing for a while leading up to this moment. Isolated, we did not realize how popular our vision would be.

Question: You are referring to your online presence.

SHØWGUN: Right! We have seen our videos garner hundreds of thousands of views. The idea of getting feedback that directly, right to us, is highly visceral. That plays into our goal of creating a modern twist on the classic rock sound. Pushing that atmosphere further into wilder and heavier terrain that’s the dream.

Question: Is there a deeper meaning behind Playing With Fire?

SHØWGUN: Yes, it is a song about taking back control from the so-called “real world.” When you are a young adult, that transition overwhelms you. We know it way too well. The hope is to retake the control and freedom of youth to apply it to that new independence. It is a song about liberation, and it sounds liberating.

Question: So, you place age at the center of it?

SHØWGUN: To a degree, we do. We think we can speak intelligently on the topic while offering reassurance.

Question: Our Bodies Are Burning – what’s that mean?

SHØWGUN: We had a more profound idea we toyed with early in the writing process. We trashed that initial thought because it was not working and just made it about sex. After all, that is a lot more fun.

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