Young Musician Elixrexports Rises to the Top of the Music Scene

Every dream of a young artist is to become successful. The ultimate end goal is for the music to inspire and tell a story that your audience can relate to. The hardest part of the music industry is gaining a following and maintaining a consistent audience. This is definitely not an issue for the aspiring songwriter and rapper, Eli- known by his stage name “Elixrexports”

Elixrexports, was born in Port Chester, New York. From a young age, Eli knew his career would result in him being some type of influencer. Before fully getting into music Eli began making writing raps as a way to pass time. Eventually, he recorded one of his written songs. He ended up releasing it to all platforms under the name of “ Odyssey”. 

For someone so young, the maturity and insightfulness that Elixrexports displays while creating a sound that fans can enjoy is unmatched. He shows us just how to vibrate his style and sound in his latest single “Envy.” Check it out below.

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