Single Review: 14-year-old singer Edie Yvonne tackles teenage social relationship drama on new single ‘Queen Bee’

Edie Yvonne’s Mean Girls-inspired new single takes a deliciously dark look at teenage social hierarchies and what it means to go from “Queen Bee to the B-list.”

Los Angeles indie-pop artist Edie Yvonne has shared her newest single, ‘Queen Bee,’ marking the latest successful release for the teenage sensation. 

At just 14 years old, Edie Yvonne is already enjoying the kind of music career that most artists dream of. Having fully dedicated herself to writing and producing tracks in the last few months, she has quickly built up 100,000 listens across streaming platforms and gained many ardent fans.

Her tracks, which offer dance-tinged indie-pop, deal with everyday situations in Edie’s life. Despite her young age, her lyrics have a satisfying confidence to them. Edie says her writing process: “I write lyrics all day and carry around songwriting journals wherever I go—lots of voice memos. I’ll pound out music on a guitar or keyboard. I’ll share it with my producers, and we will collaborate in the studio to map it out.”

‘Queen Bee’ sees Edie team up with two emerging producers who have become integral to her career, Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta. The track is marvelously produced, with sparkling beats and upbeat synths helping transport the listener to a dreamlike state. Meanwhile, Edie’s lyrics are effortlessly delivered as she humorously taunts the ‘queen bee’ in her friendship group: “Queen Bee Can’t You See What You Started, Broken Hearted…..Better Believe It Won’t Fall for your tricks best friend to B List.” 

She’ll have a long career if she keeps making tracks this good.

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